About Irene

Meet: Me. Hi, I’m Irene. I’m a late-20-something who’s finally reached that point in her life where things seem to be falling into their place. By day I’m a copy editor for Zagat, with degrees in English and Journalism. I live in a studio apartment in Manhattan (my first “real” “adult” apartment), and I have a loving and cute (if not somewhat nerdy) engineer boyfriend.

But this blog isn’t really about my coming of age (other than addressing the fact that my hobbies seem to have taken a decidedly domestic turn) nor about my brilliant interior designing skillz. If anything, it’s more about me keeping track of the 584309482 crafts projects that I want to do, putting them off, forcing myself to do them, failing at them, and then somehow recovering the damage. And also preventing myself from making far-fetched connections between DIY and relationships for my other blog, Love Games, which you can find at http://irenesgame.wordpress.com, just to write about something.

What kinds of crafts do I cover? My DIY binge knows no bounds — from homemade jewelry and art to clay sculpting, picture frame decorating and even furniture refurbishing, this pasttime has quickly gone from healthy mind-and-hand exercises to bordering on obsessive.

To wit: I’ve paid more visits to Home Depot than I ever have in my entire life. I spend most of my days browsing through Pinterest DIY boards and free listings on Craigslist. A.I. Friedman is now my regular go-to after-work hangout.

Admittedly, I was and still am a bit skeptical about my sudden surge in DIY-fueled adrenaline — especially because, in general, I’m sort of a start-from-scratch type of gal. If something doesn’t work — be it machinery, shoes, clothes, writing, drawing, home, work, or even friendships/relationships — and especially if there’s particular risk (i.e. some form of heartbreak) involved in failing to fix it — I’ll likely opt to find something new instead. (That said, I’ve always loved arts & crafts and was even known to be fairly artistic in my childhood days.)

I think this is partly influenced by one of my dad’s two main mottos: “If you don’t need it, trash it.” The other factor is that for the first time in my life, I have a sufficient-enough paycheck to fund most purchases necessary to faciliate my comfort and general ease-of-life, and can simply buy replacements for whatever’s broken (incidentally, this directly clashes with my dad’s other catchphrase, “Everything is money”).

To add to this, I’m what you would call a “starter.” That is, I start things with extreme enthusiasm, only to drop it with as much enthusiasm later. Tenacity is hardly one of my winning traits.

But fully cognizent of the many speed bumps looming ahead between my starting boost of pre-DY jitters and my lofty end visions, and the actual point of completion (should it ever be reached), here’s documentation of my determination to start seeing projects through to the end, and what that’s wrought.

Oh, and here’s a picture of my über-cute dog, the Kenji:




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